Coverage Under the
Tarion Home Warranty.

Your new home is registered under warranty through the Tarion Warranty Corporation. Cook Homes warrants that your home will be free from defects in workmanship and materials as per the Tarion Construction Performance Guidelines. Below you will find valuable information that will assist you throughout the warranty period of your new home. Further information may be obtained through the link to the Tarion website.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Also referred to as a “PDI”, this inspection allows you and our designated Inspection Representative to view the home several days prior to closing. At this time, you will be given the opportunity to inspect the home, along with our representative to ensure that the home is ready for occupancy, and to note any items that may be incomplete or require additional attention.

We take this opportunity to explore the home and identify operating systems in order for you to continue to maintain your home.

The 30-Day Warranty

Now that you have had the time to settle into your new home, you may discover new conditions that were not present at the time of PDI. We recommend referencing the Tarion Guidelines for warranty coverage and exclusions prior to completing any service forms. Please note that all warranty forms must be submitted through MyHome on the Tarion website during the first 30 days of possession. A member of our Customer Care Team will contact you upon receipt to review your requests and schedule a service appointment.

The Year-End Warranty

The Year-End form is an opportunity for you to document any shrinkage related concerns in your home that may have developed during the first year of possession. At this stage of the warranty process, we guarantee that your home has been constructed in a professional manner, following the requirements of the Ontario Building Code, and is free of major structural defects. Please note that while some shrinkage occurs on your home causing nail pops, drywall blemishes and cracks, these are not warranted. We do however complete repairs to these items as a courtesy (excluding repainting). This will be further outlined through discussions with a member of our Customer Care Team upon receipt of your form.

The Second-Year Warranty

The Second-Year form may be completed at any time during the second year of possession. The Second-Year Warranty has a greater focus on the major components of your home (i.e. – foundations, exterior cladding, electrical, plumbing supply, and heating delivery/distribution systems).

The Seven-Year Warranty

The Seven-Year Warranty covers major structural defects in your home. Tarion warrants that your home be free from defects in work or materials that adversely affects the load-bearing portion of your home’s structure, or directly affects the use of the dwelling as a home. Several examples of items covered under the MSD Warranty include: the foundation has collapsed, the roof ridge has sagged significantly, or the home is uninhabitable.

Common Elements (for Condominium Corporations)

The Common Elements Warranty comes into effect on the day of registration of the Condominium Corporation. The Condominium Act refers to the Corporation as the “owners” of the common elements/areas. Common elements encompass items which are not contained within your unit. To determine what is considered a common element in your community, please refer to Schedule C of the Corporation’s Declaration. Should you find a deficiency in a common element or area, it is necessary to supply the Board of Directors with a written request of your concerns.

Other Service Requests

You may, at any time, contact our Customer Care Department to inquire about a service request during the appropriate warranty period and will further instruct you depending on the nature of the concern. Should you have an emergency situation, please contact our office immediately so that we may begin to rectify the concern at once. Please also see our After Hours Emergency Contact information found under the Customer Care Centre section of our website.

We look forward to hearing from you!